Revel in the velvety touch of your skin with our Butterfly Wings, Glycolic Body Polish, vanilla-peach fragrance. This gentle exfoliator is demonstrated to remove dirt, oil, blackheads, and whiteheads and smooth rough edges on heels, and feet elbows. This acid over time, hardens whiteheads and blackheads expelling impurities after exfoliating, and you will see and feel a rejuvenated complexion. A pair of exfoliating gloves comes with each order. Create a spa-like ambiance in your home while utilizing therapeutic essential oils. Need guidance with your skincare? Contact us for a 30-minute phone consultation. Know what to expect before your order arrives. All Orders Are Prepared At the Time of Purchase, To Guarantee The Highest Amount of Quality Freshness. 


Glycolic Sugar Scrub, Peach Vanilla


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